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RTFM: Artists’ Publications as Instructions, Scores and Manuals

The next AW&P* Symposium will explore the role of writing and publication in the development of Instructional and Procedural strategies for making and curating Art.

In his essay accompanying Hans Ulrich Obrist’s instructional project do it! (1993-), Bruce Altschuler suggests that the early conceptual avant-garde were united by "two strategies employed at key moments ... the generation of a work by following written instructions, and the insertion of chance in the realization of an artwork." While the adoption of instructional strategies by, for example, Sol LeWitt had the very clear aim of privileging the idea over the object, subsequent practices have entwined ideas, forms and contexts in a huge variety of experimental ways. It is the rich history of Instructional and Procedural art, as manifested in print, that we will celebrate in a day of talks, artists presentations and exercises.

AW&P invites proposals for papers and artists’ presentations for RTFM: Artists’ Publications as Instructions, Scores and Manuals.

Expressions of interest and presentation proposals to: Symposium 2018

Friday 2nd March, 2018 (TBC), The Tetley, Leeds

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* The Artists’ Writings & Publications Research Centre (AW&P) consolidates and develops inter-disciplinary research on modes of critical and theoretical writing, curatorial production, editorial work and the production of text- and book-based art.
Led by Simon Lewandowski, Chris Taylor and Nick Thurston, the Centre considers artists’ publications (from ephemera, journals, ‘zines, artist’s books and websites, to artist-led book series and imprints) alongside artists’ writings (from correspondence, papers, journals, criticism, interviews and statements, to theoretical and fiction writing) as forms of creative practice that can happen in, around or as art.
AW&P’s activities bring together artists, critics, historians, archivists, editors, curators and teachers to share a sustained conversation about research directions in this sub-field of artistic practice.
The Centre is a focus for both emerging and established artists, plus researchers and collaborative groups, engaged with or interested in producing and disseminating art in the overlaps between the cultural fields of art, literature and publishing .