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Twenty-Four by Thirty
by Alex Lightman

'Twenty-Four by Thirty' official book launch... from Alex Lightman on Vimeo.

Sitting somewhere between literature and art object, 'Twenty-Four by Thirty' is a novel that presents a meandering narrative through interlinking short stories, poems, and, amongst other things, emails, whilst alluding to a coded image. The image is embedded throughout the text in the form of individually coloured pixels deconstructed into their component RGB colour triplets. The locations within the hidden image of these RGB colour triplets are given in the form of column and row coordinates (much like x and y coordinated). The hidden image is made up of twenty-four by thirty pixels.

Edition of 150
Digitally printed, hand numbered, paperback, 240pp,
ISBN 978 1 900687 36 2
Price: £7.99 (not incl. P&P)