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Islands & Bridges
Isole e Ponti


'Islands and Bridges' project started in 2008 to re define the islands and document the bridges of Venice, reinforcing the fact that Venice is not 'an island' but a series of many islands; 140 in all.

Deirdre Kelly's personal maps of Venice are accompanied by texts from 'Venezia e un Pesce', (Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore, Milano 2000). by kind permission of TIZIANO SCARPA.

Each book contains a lace souvenir showing the most famous of Venetian bridges 'Rialto' and one piece of each of the 140 islands that go to make up 'Venice'. The sum of the edition making up a complete map of Venice.

Edition 140 Printed in Italy 2009

ISBN 978 1 900687 29 4

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