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Kaye & West

February 2nd to 18th 2011


Circuit consists of two films that employ a single static locked off camera shot of an ambiguous and abstract detail of a three dimensional form in motion. They explore the relationships of balance, equilibrium and rhythm found in the Lovell RadioTelescope at Jodrell Bank Observatory. The precision, sensitivity and scale of this scientific instrument is emphasised by the composition of a detail of the telescope as it moves with a smooth steady motion to track a radio source across the sky. Exploring the elegant, highly formal, yet ambiguous linear qualities of a monumental structure the films focus on the composition of large scale interrelated parts to form continually changing networks across each screen.

‘Kaye and West’s practice is distinctly collaborative and often involves performing pre-defined procedures or rules over an extended timeframe resulting in drawings and text works. Whilst still formal and systematic the video work they began in 2008 develops their way of working together by allowing external factors to influence and shape their process and the content of the resulting work: they decide where to put the camera and when to begin recording, but the rest is left to chance.’ … ‘Unlike their previous work; where the time of its making is compressed and experienced by us in a static form – the time it takes too make their videos is equivalent to the time it takes to watch them. With each screening the process of making is literally re-played and collapsed into the space and time of its reception.’
(William Rose. Observing Time from the catalogue Slow Revolution)