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In Spring 2024 the Wild Pansy Press will be opening a new project space - The Writers' Room - in London N1, hosted by the Florence Trust.

The Writers’ Room will be a site for intense full-time residential periods (or more spread out, part-time residencies) at the intersection of fine art and literature - be that of art writing, memoir, auto-fiction, science fiction, fan-fiction, zine culture and including sound art, broadcasting and spoken word as forms. The space will be available as a working studio, but can also be reimagined for outcomes like exhibitions, publication launches, performances, screenings or symposia. The Writers’ Room is at its core a working space, with scope for intimate and wider public-facing engagements and growth, valuing connectivity across demographics and practices. WPP offer practitioners working with text, image, voice and recording to find respite in the space to build on projects or create something new, imagining and transforming through the power of language.

In the long term, we hope to encourage exciting new modes of production and thinking, and alternative modes of distribution - of knowledge and open-ended thinking, of expansive and sensory imagery. This might include new and emerging technologies but also long-established modes of communication such as the printed book, the spoken work and social encounters – in new ways and brokering new partnerships between different kinds of artists.