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Wild Pansy Press Project Space
Barrie Tullett
Dante: The Divine Comedy

The Wild Pansy Press Project Space presents an incomplete project by artist and typographer Barrie Tullett; his series of ‘prints’ from the first two books of the Divine Comedy - Inferno and Purgatory - produced on the redundant (but highly-prized) technology of the typewriter.

Together, Philippa Wood, Barrie Tullett form The Caseroom Press, an award winning collective and independent publisher whose work explores the function and format of the book, from single limited editions to multiple copies; from poetry to prose; from the artist's book to traditional print; from stencils, to typewriters; from wood and metal type to litho to digital print processes.

Collaborating with illustrators, designers, painters, poets, sculptors, students and musicians their oeuvre covers Dante: The Divine Comedy; Kurt Schwitters: The Merzbox; Limited Editions; Artists’ Books; Paradise; Letterpress; Digital Print; The Allure of the Handmade: Five friends; Lists; Folding; Binding; Making; Philip Glass; Corrections; Delia; One-Offs; Poetry; Prose; Manifestos; Purgatory; Rubber Stamps; Languages; Students; Exhibitions; Book Fairs; Charity Shops; Shoes; Collaboration; The Toastamatic 5000; Magazines; Books; Fairy Tales; Tall Tales; French Folds; Stab Binding; Inferno; Typography; …and did we mention the Typewriters?