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Preview: Tuesday 4 March, 6-8pm

Exhibition runs until Friday 28th March 2014

Left: Atramentum, John McDowall.
Right: No 10, Tim Renshaw

The Exhibition Hidden brings together bookworks by John McDowall and small paintings by Tim Renshaw. By juxtaposing two forms of practice that invite the visitor to engage with the work in physically different ways there is the invitation to move between the registers of the visual and the tactile within the gallery space: to view paintings with book in hand and to move between the pages of the book in sight of the painted surface fastened to the wall.

Having said that, it is as if the portability of the books were inscribed in Tim Renshaw’s pocket-size paintings and the tactility of pages inscribed on their materially insistent surfaces; on the other hand, it is as if the temporality of the fixed and fascinating surface were transfigured into the changing sequence of the printed images.

The aim of the exhibition is to propose a conversation that begins with the heterogeneity of each practice. Although comparisons are inevitable the real purpose is to explore, through display and through an accompanying essay, how one ‘reads’ the other; how insights and critical terms generated in one form of practice could be imported and open up thinking in the other.

* Cache (director: Michael Haneke, 2005)

Hidden is curated by Dr Catherine Ferguson, Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Leeds